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16 May

also found out that actress Angela Landsburry didn't really want to do the part of The mom in the film but needed the money-her pat was my favorite part of the picture. There are a lot higher songs for me to try so with my old crooner style Bari/lead voice I thought I'd give it a go. The crowd, even some Elvis tour ladies liked my smooth deep version.I dedicated first time on Valentine's Day for my wife there. I'm going to sing it again for some older ladies at a few nursing homes next week. Per: Creatore, who with his cousin Hugo Peretti produced hits for Sam Cooke, Perry Como, the Stylistics, "Little" Peggy March, the Isley Brothers and Jimmie Rodgers, died of pneumonia Sunday (December 13th, 2015) in Boca Raton, Florida at the age of 93...The thing is also that the version sung in the film is not like the version most people know.It wasn´t until a couple a years a ago that a cd came out with outtakes and also movie versions of some songs and also Cant help falling in love with you.There's passion in her voice when she sings it, that's why I think the song is so heavy. Gaga will always do new things, she's full of inspiration. It tells a beautiful history, the video is deep and I dare to say that is one of the best of her.It's about someone who could do anything just to get that guy back.

It reached #5 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Tracks chart... On November 22nd 1961, Elvis Presley's eighth feature film, "Blue Hawaii", open in theaters across the U. Not WANTING to do a thing about it but allowing it to happen.

There's a great line where he says to her "You're everything I never knew I always wanted." Give it a look sometime.

This song was also used as a love theme for a recent Korean drama which is extremely popular all over Asia, My Lovely Sam Soon.

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Discutez des points à améliorer en page de discussion ou modifiez l'article. Elle est la fille de Jodi Weidmann et de Phillippi Sparks, un ancien joueur de football américain dans deux célèbres équipes les Giants de New York (1992 - 1999) et les Cowboys de Dallas (2000). Quelques-uns de ses anciens profs qui y enseignent encore la soutiennent.