Audrina patridge dating corey

22 Feb

The athlete has a lot of ink on his body — and it's mostly inspired by his love of biking. "On my left arm is a street scene of kids hanging out, riding bikes and causing trouble.

Bohan didn’t publicly address the allegations, but a source exclusively told at the time, “Corey is denying everything.” The pair had a custody hearing on Wednesday, February 7, and Bohan now has to attend weekly therapy sessions that he must pay for in order to keep his visitation rights with his daughter."Like taking her to the beach and putting her toes in the sand. ” (Photo Credit: Getty Images) In the mid-2000s, Corey was one of the world's best dirt jumpers, according to his X-Games bio.He also won every X-Games Dirt event from 2004-2006 and is currently sponsored by Red Bull.“He started punching and hitting himself on the head,” her account reads.“Then he punched a hole in our bedroom door.” She fled their Irvine, California, home and then sent Bohan the number for a suicide prevention hotline: “I told him he needs professional help and I don’t want my daughter around that environment any more.” His harassment did not end, though.