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12 Sep

She was born on 30th of May 1984 to Debbir and her husband, Norm Nixon.She was born within a months after they got married and it is believed that they was born as a result of her love life.She and her loving husband, Norm Nixon welcomed their second child together and that was on 26th of August.That time they welcomed a son and they named him Norman Nixon Jr.They met at the rehearsals for Sheba, a 1973 off-Broadway musical in which he was a chorus boy and she a featured dancer.The show lasted only one week, and Debbie Allen kept her distance from Win Wilford until the day before it closed. “He drove a Mercedes-Benz, he had fine clothes and he would come in late and no one seemed to get mad at him. “Ever since we started dating,” Win adds, “we’ve been together.” Not literally.Golden Globes, USA winner for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical, Debbie Allen is a multi talented actress, dancer and choreographer from United States.She is also well known for being the television director and producer.

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Edit She became mother for the second time in her life and that was in 1987.

She is also known for her appearance in the musical theatre, Raisin.

Edit She played her first movie role in 1980 movie, Fame.

She was honored with this award for the first time in 1982 for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography.

Edit Golden Globes, USA is one of the prestigious awards in the acting world and she it’s an honor if anyone wins this award.