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06 Jan

Susan Ogletree (CFA’15), who has taught middle and high school music at the American Cooperative School of Tunis for the past seven years, was safe in her apartment, miles away in Carthage, having been warned to leave the building at 1 p.m.Ogletree, who is completing her BU doctoral course work online, says the school sustained million in damages—losing up to 400 computers and more than 60 musical instruments, including four timpani drums.(During the revolution nearly two years ago, she notes, Tunisians were respectful and protective of expatriates, even inviting them to celebrate together in the streets.) Ogletree says her faith in the Tunisian people remains unwavering.“We’ve had so much support from our local neighborhood,” she says, adding that Tunisians approached school officials to express their shame and offer tips on the stolen equipment’s whereabouts.And a local Lions Club has offered to pay for 10 new guitars.The school, whose mission is “Opening doors, hearts, and minds,” welcomes the return of high school students today and is preparing for the return of lower grades in the coming weeks.School officials sent all students and staff home just an hour and a half before 1,000 demonstrators arrived.

A second wave of intruders looted and smashed anything of value.A wave of Muslim extremists scaled the wall surrounding a school compound in Tunis around p.m.on Friday, September 14, pushing easily past unarmed guards.Ogletree says that more than once, when her frustrations reached a peak, she left her classroom for a good cry.As a band, guitar, and choir instructor, she had finally built her music program to a level comparable to that found in the United States, only to see it decimated. And now I have to say, what do I do with the situation to move forward?