Intimidating names for gangs

11 Jan

As you can see, the Apaches didn’t just believe in overkill. What distinguishes the Forty Elephants gang from the other gangs on our list is that it was entirely female.Before feminism existed, these gals took advantage of the patronizing sexism of the age that meant women were afforded extreme levels of privacy while shopping.But it’s not like the Apaches needed martial arts to protect themselves: they had a very specialized weapon that would make James Bond jealous.The Apache pistol also functioned as a knife and folded into a pair of brass knuckles.Like Les Apaches, this London-based gang from the 18th century also modeled themselves after a Native American tribe and are the sort of gang you only expect to find in movies and nightmares.After a delegation of Native Americans arrived in London to visit the Queen, they created such a stir that a youth gang was formed in their honor who called themselves “mohocks.” They assaulted people at night, slashing and disfiguring their faces, cutting their noses off with knives, beating people up, and even stuffing women into barrels and rolling them down hills.One of the voters unfortunate enough to receive this treatment was Edgar Allen Poe, who turned ill a few days later and died.

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The gang operated from some point after the late 1700s right up until the 1950s, mostly targeting areas around London.Although they looked ridiculous, they were actually deadly—drunkenly dueling in the streets with their swords, committing petty crimes, and generally not caring about anything, having now become wandering gangs of hooligans. ” which paints a pretty clear picture of how much fear the Kabukimono had of the rule of law: zero .Also, there’s a theory floating around that they may have eventually became the yakuza, although modern yakuza don’t really like to equate themselves with the sort of guys who might go to a My Chemical Romance concert (we’re too afraid of the yakuza to press the issue).Al Capone was a member at one point before he went on to bigger and more horrible things.In fact, he received the facial scar which gave him the nickname “Scarface” during a bar fight while serving in the Five Points gang.